Feb 24, 2020

Welcome to the new website! It’s been a while, but I have a lot of new things I have been working on. I am having to switch to new software, so this is a learning experience. I plan to rework some of my blogs from the old website and get them posted in the next few weeks. My first book Morning Thoughts: 365 Challenges To Help You Focus On Christ is still available. You can purchase a copy by clicking on the “Book” link above. I plan to convert it to digital format also.

I have new things to write too. I plan to write more consistently on here this year as well as start on a new book or two. I have a lot of ideas that I will pursue, but it is my prayer that anything I attempt that isn’t God’s plan will fall apart. It is my prayer that Christ will use these things to challenge, convict, and comfort His followers. Let’s strive to stumble less and be more like Jesus daily.